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Reddit and Internets and Work

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by , 06-18-2012 at 03:19 PM (827 Views)
Well, I have some amazing news! I now have non-military internet access at work...Which means I can now access the guild AND related sites from an administrative capacity, something that has crippled my participation here since I moved to Ohio. I end up having most of my computer time at work, but at the most basic I could browse the forums. Now I can access anything. Expect some further improvements and participation from me as things progress.

In other news, I've recently become addicted to reddit. My reddit account is Lehthanis, and I'm there quite a bit, though I don't participate very much. I've recently discovered that the /r/worldbuilding subreddit has linked to me quite often, and due to a timely post by me, the worldbuilding subreddit now links to the guild in their sidebar. This is great news for us, because it exposes us to more people. So hi reddit! Welcome!

My advertising campaign has pretty much halted due to my limited access to the site, and I believe I may have overpriced our ad impressions quite a bit. I'm going to be adjusting the prices and redoing the ad packet in the next week or so. Expect to want to advertise with us soon!

Anyways, thats my update. Looking forward to being able to actually do some stuff around here!
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