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Now THAT'S Dedication!

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by , 10-25-2012 at 07:22 AM (2887 Views)
Well would ya look at that! The Cartographers' Guild is all grown up! Earlier this week, with the help of your generous donations, we made the switch to a dedicated server. That means we have an entire server all to ourselves with nothing on it but the Guild. Thsi means the skies the limit for us! In the next few months, we'll hopefully be doing a little bit of research into ways to improve things even more around here, now that we have the performance issue solved. I encourage all members to browse around, click on things, and let us know if anything is broken. Also if you have any suggestions for improvement or growth, please let us know! Thank you all so much for helping us to get where we are right now, and thank you all for stickign with us when we weren't so fast!

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    Everything seems to be working great. I'm so glad the guild is doing so well