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by , 06-01-2010 at 12:22 PM (3803 Views)
I didn't realize I had a blog on this site. But I suppose it's a good way to showcase your work.

Right now, I'm working on adapting a video tutorial series on map-making, which was originally designed for Photoshop users. I'm adapting it to Gimp. That effort is taking up quite a bit of time, but it's also rewarding because I'm learning a LOT about Gimp by doing this.

My next efforts will involve learning more about how to use Fractal Mapper. Right now I only have version 7; I'm considering getting the demo of v8 so I can go through the tutorial on raster mapping in Fractal Mapper. I actually kind of like the old-fashioned vector style that Fractal Mapper uses in "normal" mode, but I figure it's good to learn how to map in different styles.

So, right now I'll post a couple of examples of what I'm working on. This first image is of a "aged parchment" background for a map. The method used is from the video tutorial I'm adapting.

This second image is another "aged parchment" I did in Gimp using a method from one of RobA's tutorials.

I like the second one somewhat better. However, I do like some of the style of the first one, so I'll probably end up combining some of each method as I move forward making my own maps.
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