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Fractal Mapper Works-In-Progress

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by , 06-02-2010 at 04:18 PM (2622 Views)
I am attempting to learn how to use Fractal Mapper. I like the Fractal World Explorer, and supposedly you can import and export images between FWE and Fractal Mapper. In v7 however (the one I have), the interface is clunky and the results are often not the best.

Still, I've been making some amount of progress by using a hand-drawn map as a background image, and building on top of that. I'm starting with a continent map and a small regional map that I had drawn by hand. In this post I'll just focus on the regional map, since that is the one I'm currently working on.

Here is the first pass at building on top of the original:
Unfortunately, it seems the original FM file I made this from got corrupted, so I had to start over. Here's my second pass:

There are some really clunky aspects to FM7; I have the trial version of FM8, and it looks like they might have improved some of these. But there are still some things I can't figure out. One thing that bugs me is that the fractal lines (rivers in this case) don't scale--if you create them at a certain size zoomed in by 50, and then zoom back out to regular size, the lines stay the same size. So while they looked proportional at the higher zoom, when I returned to 100% view they looked too big.
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