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Thread: Falklands War game map

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    Default Falklands War game map

    Hi all-

    Just thought I would show you what my current project is. A game designer contacted me after I had expressed interest in a game he was designing and asked if I would like to redo his beta-test map. I said sure! I have included his original map and my redo (which I also renamed). The game will be solo, printed on a 11x17 page, use cardboard counters to move around with and will have the player trying his best to keep Maggies forces as far away from Stanley as he can. The counters will move along three different tracks and as well there is an air element to the game with lots of Harriers and Mirages and of course Super Etandards armed with exocet missiles. I can't really say any more about the game because the rules are still mostly in the designers head.

    I have a number of minor changes to make to the map like adding in a line between the boxes so it is clear which way you advance and retreat, and more detail on the turn track. So far I like how its turning out, if I do say so myself.
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    Now I want to play the game!

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