Thanks. I was just looking into ways to create Castle floor plans quickly in vector. I had no idea about the scale, and the whole thing took maybe a couple of hours with the experimenting. The creation method is absolutely simple, The walls are created with rectangles or lines which are converted to objects. The objects are then all united into a single object and a fill and line added. I drew a rectangle under the 'walls' object and then subtracted it, which left me with separate floor areas I could fill individually. I then just added a few bits and bobs like the buildings to see what they would look like. To get the drop shadow effect, I copied the walls object, filled it with black, put it in a layer below the walls object and nudged it to the left and down so it peeked through.

It was all just to get a fast work flow, really. Now I've got it, I don't think I'll be taking this one any further.