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Thread: My first try with sketchup

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    Quote Originally Posted by RecklessEnthusiasm View Post
    Okay RobA, I would love for a simpler explanation for how to get the SVG import up and running--am I wrong to think that there are three or four plugins as well as an aditional library file you need to put into the sketchup folder to get this going? The 'walkthrough' post seems more that a little complicated. Perhaps there is a link to all the files needed?
    Download svg.rb from here: and put it in your plugin directory

    Following the instructions after the "Aaargh!":
    and extract the \lib\ruby\1.9.1\rexml\ file into \plugins\rexml\ in your sketchup install.

    Click here: and use the download button on the left to download forwardable.rb into your plugin folder
    Click here: and use the download button on the left to download set.rb into your plugin folder

    That is it. It shows up under plugins, not under import.

    The conflict mentioned is with set.rb. and the one in the sandbox tools.

    -Rob A>

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    Thanks so much, my man! I'll get that up and running right away.

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