Made couple References they're rough, but they should convey the idea I have for my first sectional.

This is a basic top down floor plan;

Buried City Project-pasic-floor-plan.jpg

And this is a cross section style; Buried City Project-cross-sectional.jpg

The adventurers enter through a cavern made by collapsed earth. the first structure they enter is a long hall; no doors are present. They gain access to the next area, a room that is canted after the building across the street collapsed, through a window. This room is a sleeping area, the next room accessed through a door is a living area with a partially collapsed ceiling. The party should climb this collapse to the next story. The upper room, another living area, didn't fair nearly as well as its lower brethren a window is there only exit from here. Through a window they come to a ramp, created by a wall snapping from another building and holding up when falling on this one.

Note that the floor plan says the wall has a 20 degree slope this would be incorrect after detailing the cross sectional the wall is closer to 40 degrees slope.

I did these to help me visualize the environment i am mapping.