I am working on a mmorpg called legend of gateworld, and in it there where be special encounters and missions that can be awarded.

This is one purposed one, it is not complete but you can get the general idea!

Overview with Warlocks Vigil Activated:
Warlocks Vigil WIP encounter-encounter.jpg

Overview with Warlocks Vigil Destroyed: (I forgot the have the tree turned on...)
Warlocks Vigil WIP encounter-wop1.jpg

Warlocks Vigil WIP encounter-wop2.jpg

Floor 1:
Warlocks Vigil WIP encounter-level1.jpg

Outside Trans:
Warlocks Vigil WIP encounter-outsidetrans.jpg

I would like to also point out how I have control over the global light and even have small details worked out like window shadows and the shadows from things on top of stuff... this is important because legend of gateworld will be very time based, and I will have to export 24 different versions of all the layers with the set light variables for the particular hour.

Warlocks Vigil WIP encounter-shadows.jpg

Let me know what you guys think! I will be finishing this up eventually, I need to get back to city development.