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Thread: Buried Temple Map ("Master of Desert Nomads Series")

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    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, I'm having a hard time developing a method for depicting regular shaped underground rooms. I have a pretty good method for caverns and stuff, but it clearly didn't apply as well to man-made rooms here. But, I did learn a lot doing this one so hopefully the next will be better. And ultimately, I still like the way it came out.

    BTW - rooms 4 and 7 are connected but only through a secret door...and since I plan to eventually print these out for players, I didn't want to actually display the door.
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    It's very nice. I think the newer version "reads" better as to what's above and below ground. The map itself is excellent but I have to say that I think the border overpowers your presentation on this one. Scaling it back would let your map shine a bit more. Just a thought. Have some rep!

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