Well, here's another whack at a Hexagonal Temple / Keep idea.
Remember my 'thing' for Geometric Themes...-hexagon-three-building-tower-01.png
As I started with the hexagonal keep (post) I created hexagonal walls and stuck a hexagonal structure at the center.

Remember my 'thing' for Geometric Themes...-hexagon-three-building-tower.png
From this central building I created three additional buildings that radiated out from the core like large halls for lectures or something.
If this was a temple complex then the shrine could be at the center and each hall could be housing for the priests and any travelers or visitors to the temple.

Remember my 'thing' for Geometric Themes...-hexagon-three-building-tower-02.png
The space created between the buildings becomes perfect spots for gardens and the like.

This would be a perfect mock-up for a temple complex in a town or city.

Sometimes buildings are easier to knock together with sketchup than in gimp so I can get a sense of what they would look like in 3-D before I build the 2D map.