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Thread: St Link of Hyrule's Cathedral

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    Wip St Link of Hyrule's Cathedral

    Hi all

    Here is my first real attempt at a D&D 4e battlemap. It's a temple/cathedral. I guess I've pretty well finished it. I find myself wasting time playing with shadows and the like but making no real improvements to the map. As such I'm keen for any and all feedback. In particular I'd like to hear from any DMs from a layout perspective. And also am really keen for all critisim from an artistic standpoint.

    Should I fill the rooms with stuff or leave that for the DM?

    St Link of Hyrule's Cathedral-temple-pews.jpg

    Thank you for your input


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    A little more detail ( like candelabras & urns in the church, and furniture in the rooms ) would make this more interesting, but many people like this minimalistic look.
    I think you did a great job with the shadows.

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    I love the stained glass effect you used, it's a very nice touch. I agree with Bogie that some furniture would be helpful.

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