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Thread: Obelisk - Help

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    One thing I was going to point out regarding obelisks, is they were usually tapered towards the top. Thus the top down view would depict the wider base and the narrower top. This fact could also be shown in the shadow. Many obeliskscalso had hieroglyphs carved into them, which might be hard to show on a top-down map, but could add some authenticity.


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    Yes - "Tapered" was the word I was looking for in the previous posts...which was also the hardest effect to try to achieve I think. I tried to illustrate that with the middle square (of the three on the map) being a little darker than the smallest one and also having the 4 bevel lines leading to the center.
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    Here are two pictures of an obelisk (Washington Monument) from above. Might be useful reference for you. Or someone else.

    This one was taken on a cloudy day: There's no definable cast shadow, it has less contrast between the lit and shaded sides but still with a crisp edge between them, and you can perceive more variation of hue and value in the individual blocks.

    Compare with the sunny version: What do you see?

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