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Thread: Craefort - barbarian hill-fort/village

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steel General View Post
    Maybe I should change my Alias from 'Steel General' to 'Steel Priest'?
    A priest by any other name.....

    and what would you call a priest who heads the steel arm of the temple to a war god?
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    Post Just funnin' with you.

    SG, you know I'm just funnin' with you. I always appreciate your comments!

    OK, got some more ideas on my campaign, I need yet to create the Hall of the Frost Giant King, the Barrow of the Cursed Pictish King, and Ice Cavern Fortress of the Winter Hag, accessed by a glacial chasm beneath the center of the glacial field of Caillech.

    So the upcoming maps should be more exciting as well.


    PS: I've already altered part of my original campaign arc, though it might remain in some level, the Winter Hag is going muster her giant-kin host now that she has acquired an artifact that will enable her to restart the Ice Age and retake all the lands of northern Celanta. Also the Picts originally came to this land by following the herds of caribou that retreated with the glaciers thousands of years ago.

    The PCs must try to recover five lost Pictish artifacts that will be necessary to repell the recently empowered ogre goddess from accomplishing her goal. They will go to the Southlands, where the items were lost on the way to the North Lands.
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    GP - I knew you were just joking around, so was I - besides why just go for 'Steel Priest', why not 'Steel Arch Bishop' or 'Steel Pope' even!

    Looking forward to seeing these new maps you mentioned.
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    With the upcoming release of Hellfrost for Savage Worlds, these and your Mountaintop Battlemaps are definitely going to be getting some use!

    Keep up the good work!

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