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Thread: Temple of some evil god.

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    Loving the changes you made. Both versions look very crisp.

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    General improvement, it feels more balanced.

    You might consider placing columns in you walls where they'd support a lot of weight. It adds interest and plausibility.
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    Greetings, Salama,

    A few days ago my wife and I brainstormed rooms in a fantasy-setting temple while taking our son for a walk. Here is most of what we came up with. (I was beginning to plan a future adventure for our RPG in an abandoned Merfolk temple, and have since that day recycled the paper copy of our list of ideas after making a map sketch.)

    For Visitors

    Washing Area
    Room, alcove, or hall with monuments (historical or of patrons, not religious)
    Room, alcove, or hall with religious statues or icons
    Room, alcove, or hall with tombs
    Main Sanctuary
    Tiny chapels for the families of wealthy patrons
    Perhaps a second big room used for teaching, if the Main Sanctuary does not also fill this role.
    Perhaps a hallway or room for eating.
    Perhaps a library if the populace was literate.

    For Low-Ranking Religious Officials

    Vestry (where vestments were stored, often a changing room)
    Item-Vestry (in case the candles, etc. had their own storage room)
    Kitchen and Dining
    Library, unless there already is one for the general public
    Cloister-Walk (a hallway or room designed for walking repeatedly around a path)
    Immersion Pool or other room for ritual use
    perhaps their own restroom
    perhaps offices

    For the High-Ranking Religious Officials

    Inner Sanctuary (sometimes an alcove behind the altar of the Main Sanctuary)
    perhaps a Special Top-Secret Sanctuary

    For Guards (If Any)

    Guard Room by the entrance (we're assuming they also sleep there)
    Dining Room (we're assuming the Low-Ranking Religious Officials have to cook for the guards and bring them food, but would not eat with them)
    Armory (unless it is merely a closet in the Guard Room)

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    I want echo the prep room/vestry idea, my local church has an office up near the alter and a vestry at the foot of the church. These were the only rooms apart from the main hall before it was built (the vicarage is not attached but doesn't matter as clergy may often have multiple churches)!

    Nowadays we have an extension which adds a second office two more halls five toilets and a small room along with innumerable closets. This is a fairly small church I'm describing if somewhat luxurious in it's hall space (overflow, somewhere for the youth and to rent out during the week).

    Your second might need the staircase to a third if the previous clergy were members of a high* tradition.

    *high meaning: highly traditional, very inclined towards reliquaries and the like (though a small church from any tradition wouldn't have a reliquary unless its a local relic...)

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