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Thread: Modern Gas Station WIP

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    There's one gas station/convenience store in my town that looks almost EXACTLY like this layout, the only difference being 4 pumps instead of 6. (yes, down to the orientation of the pumps). Nice touch on remembering the handicapable spots.. being that I get to use them now, I notice them more

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    nice looking map. I like the handicap spaces, nice touch. If you wanna be realistic though you may wanna add 4 more for the handicap spots and leave only 1 spot for non handicapped ppl

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    Looks good!

    One thing I've found and encourage you to consider is that illustrating blacktop accurately will make a map really hard to read or use; I typically lighten it to a mid-tone gray or even lighter, just so that the texture and detail can show up in the map.


    I'll gladly shoulder the blame for the 10x15' parking spaces. I did that in the Global Positioning/Critical Locations maps to let the parking space lines "snap" to the grid. As a result, everything's a little oversized in my modern maps, but I'm OK with that; any gameplay involving miniatures will benefit from having map elements that fit comfortably in the grid. That all started when I made sidewalks in the first Global Positioning map snap to that 5' grid. All of my d20 Modern maps since then were designed to the same scale, so that if you placed them next to each other the grids would align cleanly.

    Anyway, nice work!

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