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Thread: Sandpoint Town Hall

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    Glad it was useful. Post a new version when you've got one and I'll pitch in again.
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    Ok,The upper floor again, this time with a better(??) attempt at shadows...

    Sandpoint Town Hall-sandpoint-townhall-upper-floor.png

    I actually like the effect the earth backing gives. I see it as a kind of pathway around the building...

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    I think it's absolutely wonderful as-is, but it would also be nice to add some bushes or tress around it, IMO. Also, maybe some throw rugs or tables if you're in to that sort of thing. That first room seems awfully large to be completely empty is what I'm saying. Even if it's used as a meeting hall and a ballroom for town dances and such, they would still need tables for the city council and chairs for the audience, etc.

    But, like I say, I love them both!

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