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Thread: Large Temple Complex

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    very nice ineeed!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amazon.chique View Post
    Would you care to share how you laid everything out? That's an area I'm still wrestling with.
    I've given this a lot of thought and have been trying to find a way to describe my methods without writing a book: The short, unhelpful answer would be "experience"; I've been a draftsman since the mid-80's and have picked up a lot of techniques that help dictate room layout. It's mostly ingrained habit and I often do it without conciously going through a list of steps. Here are the most obvious that come to mind:

    - SEEK EXAMPLES: I always try to look up examples of structures that are related or relevant to the design I'm considering.
    - CULTURE: If the design is going to be for another culture or for another era of history (or fictional equivilent) I research the nuances of everyday life of the culture that most fits the purpose of the design.
    - PUBLIC VS PRIVATE: Identify public and private spaces and locate them accordingly. Be aware that these ideals change through location and history, which is why I research culture.
    - TRAFFIC: Identify how the people get from one place to another within the design. Make sure the traffic pattern makes sense.
    - INHABITANTS: Who lives and works there? I didn't just think of the monks and clerics at the temple, I also considered all of the beggars, pilgrims, servants, security, merchants, etc that would be there as well.
    - NECESSITIES: Make sure to keep in mind the basic requirements for life: Food, water, shelter, safety and sanitation. That's not to say that they need to all be included, just make sure you're aware of them.

    Well, that's the down-and-dirty basics that I use. A bit general I know, but I hope it helps.
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    That actually does help. Thank you.

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