• The Quary and Towne of Lymeport by RobA


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    This has always been one of my favorite maps here. The hand drawn style is just superb, as is the watercolor feel. This started with a simple doodle and turned into a really cool work of art.

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    I found myself alone with a pencil and some graph-paper today, and did a little doodle.

    This is a small village that built up because of a quarry and a river. The quarry is fairly old, and now has a small lake in it from collected rainwater. The village used to have a large hotel for the barge workers to stay, but it was destroyed.
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    1. Trace's Avatar
      Trace -
      great looking map
    1. Kanti's Avatar
      Kanti -
      I like it. It looks cool.
    1. eddypo's Avatar
      eddypo -
      Great job. I love this map!
    1. moriturimax's Avatar
      moriturimax -
      Very nice style!
    1. Acardux's Avatar
      Acardux -
      I like the flow of the sea water, on the rocks.Like a video from above!
    1. Lord Thomas's Avatar
      Lord Thomas -
      Very Nice! Love the little story!
    1. gtwucla's Avatar
      gtwucla -
      I like the ridge line and the quarry cutting into it. It feels very real.