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    I was originally drawn to this map because of the simplicity and old world feel as well as being hand drawn. What really inspires me about this map is not just the contents of the map itself, but it's means of production by the artist: Microsoft Windows Paint. Yes, you read that correctly.

    This map proves that great maps have been, are, and always will be created by a skilled cartographer and not a software program. While every tool has it's own limitations, the skilled cartographer's only limit is his own imagination.

    I greatly look forward to seeing more work from blkstone1 in the future.

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    Hi all -- this is my first time posting here, so I thought I would bring out an old map I did a few years back using the pit of evil and groaning death that is MS Paint. This map was for a campaign I used to run and is centered on the lands of Westmark. The game lasted quite a while and during the course of the campaign I updated the map here and there, adding icons in the forests and mountains to show the locations of various beasts and locales the party encountered/explored.

    I began with an old parchment-style texture to give it the overall feel of a hand-drawn map, and kept the colors very simple and -- not sure if this is a word or not -- 'inky'. I finished it up with some aging around the edges, and decided to give it a center-line crease/tear once the whole thing was complete. I cannot convey just how time-consuming this was.

    Looking back, I really wish I had downloaded a better font than the one I ended up using -- my newer efforts generally see me using Boister or Hyborian fonts. I don't even remember what font this was... oh well.
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    1. eViLe_eAgLe's Avatar
      eViLe_eAgLe -
      Wow.. For MS Paint...
    1. pr1est's Avatar
      pr1est -
      A true work of art that is rather surprising having been done with such an "archaic" tool.
    1. Steel General's Avatar
      Steel General -
      As I've said before, anything decent done with that abomination of a graphics program deserves high praise.
    1. arachron's Avatar
      arachron -
      All I can say is wow. That's incredible. Just goes to prove the best works of art can be made with the simplest tools.
    1. RjBeals's Avatar
      RjBeals -
      very impressive.
    1. Mark CMG's Avatar
      Mark CMG -
      Nice stuff. Very "authentic" looking.
    1. splinter's Avatar
      splinter -
      this is awesome !!!
    1. krasimir's Avatar
      krasimir -
      I love the two-tone approach to map-making. It still looks "authentic", because ancient cartographers could definitely use more than one color of ink.
    1. Trace's Avatar
      Trace -
      fantastic map!
    1. Ben Sherwin's Avatar
      Ben Sherwin -
      Quote Originally Posted by eViLe_eAgLe View Post
      Wow.. For MS Paint...
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      this map is part of a book I'm writing have a look
    1. abraham1067's Avatar
      abraham1067 -
      Impressive map
    1. GoldenRod's Avatar
      GoldenRod -
      I like this map because of the shadowing, and very minute detail. Excellent work, especially using "Paint" Reminds me of a map drawn in the middle ages.
    1. astriemer's Avatar
      astriemer -
      That is amazing for MS Word. Wow! As the reviewer points out, kudos to the creator as the artist being the driving force and not the software.
    1. cdhall's Avatar
      cdhall -
      Quote Originally Posted by eViLe_eAgLe View Post
      Wow.. For MS Paint...
      That really is nice work. And in paint... wow.
    1. Stupidottero's Avatar
      Stupidottero -
      I just can't believe this map is created with paint!
    1. Stupidottero's Avatar
      Stupidottero -
      I would like to read your book!
    1. allie's Avatar
      allie -
      wow this map is beautiful