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    A recent member to the Guild, Schwarzkreuz has come on strong with his first sharing...The Imperial Worldmap of Arden is an extremely large effort (figuratively and literally) weighing in at a full poster sized 90x120 cm. The elements are primarily hand drawn and scanned, then composited together or turned into brushes for use in Photoshop. As commented in the WIP, this map is staggering! It is so darn big, we've only provided a scaled version here, so check out the full thread for a better view! (And if we ask nice, we might be able to get a full size map an admin could host here...)

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    Hey guys,
    ...my first map ever in this digital style. I have done some textures on handdrawn stuff before, but never something in this scale... It was always a dream of mine to really bring all the maps of Arden together to form this map. I started playing RPGs more than 20 Years ago and this world was there from the first day and walked along my side for the most part of my life. In the progress I have learned a lot about patient, ok I admit it, also about frustration. I have always be a person who cant wait to finish up things, but this map sure needed its time. I am very grateful to all those excellent Map tutorials and inspirations.
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