• Congrats to lostatsea for winning the January Challenge!

    lostatsea picks up a (belated) shiny gold award for a brilliant entry in the January challenge on diorama building! With a part list consisting of an old wall clock, some paint, Watercolors, airbrush, Bucket of clay , box of plaster, Fishing lures?, Gelatin??, Flashing lights, the result is the Taurian Tele Optic Compass

    Check out the challenge thread here: http://www.cartographersguild.com/sh...012-Entry-TTOC
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    1. lostatsea's Avatar
      lostatsea -
      Thanks to those who voted for my entry and those who repped reguardless :-). It was a great Challenge Idea Let's do this one again sometime !!
    1. loogie's Avatar
      loogie -
      that's a real thing!? holy crap! that's amazing!
    1. TechRoss's Avatar
      TechRoss -
      Skimming through your thread, I don't think this picture does this amazing map any justice at all......
      Fantastic idea and work.
    1. Diamond's Avatar
      Diamond -
      This was something special. I was totally blown away by it.