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    Published on 11-23-2015 10:36 AM
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    Over the last few years several new programs have surfaced for doing digital drawing and painting that may be of interest to map makers. The professional standards of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator being beyond the reach of most people's budget leaves a large space for potential new software packages. There are of course free options such as GIMP, Krita and Inkscape. But sometimes you might want something more or just different from these free options.

    There are some lower cost options that are interesting and we'll ...
    Published on 04-04-2012 02:12 PM

    After almost two years' absence, the Dundjinni store is back in business again.

    For more information, go ...
    Published on 04-03-2012 05:29 PM
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    ProFantasy released the April Annual 2012 today. If you are a Campaign Cartographer user, you may want to ...