• The Lands of Todes Grube by Boslok

    The first map to be featured on our new front page! Boslok joined the Guild in March and wowed us with this map early this month. It is a redo of a 30+ year D&D campaign map:

    Experimenting with a variety of techniques learned here, the final result is "real easy on the eyes" to quote a fellow guild member.

    Most of the elements were hand drawn and scanned along with a few brushes from drawings and crests created in Micromedia Freehand. PS CS3 was used to put it all together and create the textures.

    View the finished map thread here or the WIP thread here.
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    1. mearrin69's Avatar
      mearrin69 -
      Awesome map, Boslok. Will find the thread and spread some rep!
    1. Sapiento's Avatar
      Sapiento -
      Well desevered!
    1. Steel General's Avatar
      Steel General -
      Congratz on being featured!
    1. Djekspek's Avatar
      Djekspek -
      yeah, gratz on the featured map. Awesome mapping job!
    1. Clercon's Avatar
      Clercon -
      Very nice map!
    1. Eurypon's Avatar
      Eurypon -
      very, very nice
    1. Boslok's Avatar
      Boslok -
      I am honored, thanks!
    1. Miralys's Avatar
      Miralys -
      What's the background story of the name?
      (Todes Grube = German for Pit of Death, though you wouldn't probably use those two words in combination in German)
      Nice work by the way...
    1. Aelyn's Avatar
      Aelyn -
      I like it But I was wondering about the same thing as Miralys. Is this inteded? I happen to speak some German, and it's perfectly grammatical except that it should be one single word, Todesgrube, meaning pit of death. The Lands of Todes Grube seem to be a place you'd better not go to unless you know how to handle a sword
    1. trollitc's Avatar
      trollitc -
      Wow, that's amazing!
    1. Schley's Avatar
      Schley -
      Good show! Keep it up!
    1. Boslok's Avatar
      Boslok -
      Thanks guys.

      I don't know where the the name comes from, the german meaning is a surprise to me. I'll ask my GM about it, and get back to you, he named it.

      Edit: Talked to my GM, he was planning to call the city Death Pit or something similar and ran it through a translation program. The german translation stuck.
    1. Ramah's Avatar
      Ramah -
      Wonderful map and well deserving of being featured. Congrats.
    1. Sharpe's Avatar
      Sharpe -
      Astounding! This could be featured in the highest level of role-playing magazines.
    1. ZeroPoint's Avatar
      ZeroPoint -
      I love it. The map has a very tactile look, and a wonderful palette. I use these words like I know what they mean, but basically I just want to jump inside the world and explore it. Bravo!
    1. Ancient's Avatar
      Ancient -
      Nice map, bad naming. I am from germany and I would highly recommend to rename it, at least to modify it to not be in "perfect german". It just sounds funny and it sounds like translation tool or picking a foreign name without knowing the meaning.
      I remember old Warhammer adventures where the final enemy (a demon of some kind) was called "the Zahnarzt", which means "teeth doctor". A bad faux pas for a rather good adventure.
      Just a recommendation...if you plan to publish it somewhere.
    1. Lord Kev's Avatar
      Lord Kev -
      very very good.
      i like maps like this.
    1. Brandon's Avatar
      Brandon -
      Great map! Keep up the good work
    1. glowe's Avatar
      glowe -
      the colors are great