• The Lands of Sinisteria by Djekspek

    Djekspek has been our most successful cartographer these past many months. He won four straight challenges and has a slew of commissions now. This is one of his first efforts and spotlights his hand-drawn ISO-perspective style.

    The Finished Map can be viewed here and the WIP thread can be viewed here.
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    1. Gidde's Avatar
      Gidde -
      Congratulations, Djekspek! Well deserved
    1. Boslok's Avatar
      Boslok -
      Beautiful map Djekspek.
    1. Blaidd Drwg's Avatar
      Blaidd Drwg -
      Congrats, Djekspek!
    1. tilt's Avatar
      tilt -
      yeah - love that map - and am very envious of your drawing abilities Djespek

      - congrats
    1. pasis's Avatar
      pasis -
      I sure wish I could do something like that, sigh*
    1. Steel General's Avatar
      Steel General -
      Congratz and well-deserving!
    1. NeonKnight's Avatar
      NeonKnight -
      A beautiful map. Very Nice!
    1. Rhotherian's Avatar
      Rhotherian -
      I am green. So, so greener-than-frickin-grass-green. With envy, of caurse.

      Your skills are unmatched in my eyes, man. Awesome map!! ^^
    1. Jaxilon's Avatar
      Jaxilon -
      Oh yeah, I love this map. Very deserved Dj.
    1. Djekspek's Avatar
      Djekspek -
      wow... thanks guys! It's really an honor to have one of my maps featured here! cheers!
    1. Daelin's Avatar
      Daelin -
      Well, this has obviously been a long time coming. But no one is more deserving of this grand honor than you, Djekspek. None of us (me the least) are as skilled as you in the art of the hand-drawn map. (Perspective, what's that? You mean there's more than just the top-down one!?)
      And this map is truly unique. So rife with detail, so crisp in color, so original. Well done!
    1. Immolate's Avatar
      Immolate -
      Wonderful. It couldn't happen to a more deserving cartographer. Would that we could all aspire to your talent!
    1. Torius's Avatar
      Torius -
      Awesome map, well deserved !
    1. almighty's Avatar
      almighty -
      Awesome map, well done!
    1. Rythal's Avatar
      Rythal -
      Grats man, certainly well deserved!
    1. Coyotemax's Avatar
      Coyotemax -
      One of the best maps out there, nicely done
    1. Zenborn's Avatar
      Zenborn -
      Holy cow, thats an awesome looking map!!
    1. Sardauk's Avatar
      Sardauk -
      Beautiful and inspiring!
    1. Ramah's Avatar
      Ramah -
      Grats, dude. This is definitely one of my favourite maps on the site. Well deserved.
    1. Sharpe's Avatar
      Sharpe -
      Truly, this is a work of top-notch art.