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    Created in: Illustrator & Photoshop


    a2area burst onto the scene and blew us all away. This particular map is so professional-looking that we just had to show it off properly.

    a2area says:

    Well I finally finished this one! The WIP thread for this is at http://www.cartographersguild.com/...ead.php?t=8142 but basically, the entire map is built in Adobe Illustrator (CS3) and then pasted into Photoshop in groupings of layers where I apply various filters and layer some subtle effects in to make it look more polished. I especially like the easy mask-ability of Photoshop. I made good use of graphic styles in Illustrator to get train tracks etc and I use some free fonts for some of the little icons. All of the coats of arms are built in Illustrator as well. The globe is taken from the original fractal file of the planet and then shaded.

    This is the first in a project of about 4 (maybe more) atlas style maps which will focus on this fictional place. The next will either be a land use, resource, topography and relief map (all wrapped into one if I can manage it) or a large city map of the imperial capital surrounded by some smaller city insets.

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