• Haibianr - by mearrin69

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    Haibianr is a Hong Kong-like city that serves as the introduction to an Asian-themed campaign setting that guild member mearrin69 is building. The first version of the map was handdrawn. Then mearrin69 tried out several different styles, ultimately leading to the map that we can enjoy today. It turned out great. The city looks convincing and the map is very pleasing to the eye. Take extra note of the beautiful compass!

    mearrin69 says:
    On the mountainous north-eastern coast of the world’s largest continent perches a bustling trading port – a cosmopolitan city of twisting streets protected by ancient magic and modern might. Over the nearly two thousand years since its founding, Haibianr has evolved into a powerful independent city-state. Its masters pay no tribute to the feuding “Five Emperors” that rule the southlands, wielding Haibianr’s near-monopoly over trade with the rest of the world as a cudgel that guarantees freedom from Imperial dominion.

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      This could be an awesome map for a mysterious island people come across in a tabletop game.