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    Tear has recently created a masterpiece using Pasis' tutorial. It's called Westeros and it depicts a continent many of us know and have come to love. It's because most of the story of George R. R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" novel series takes place in these lands.

    Tear has created a beautiful map that we think not only appeals to fans, but to all of us.

    Tear says:
    Here is my take on a map of Westeros. It's just a fan project, and of course all the copyright stuff belongs to those who deal with copyright stuff. It's done with Photoshop, a mouse, a tablet, and lots of hair pulling. I did a lot of research, but some locations are quite difficult to locate exactly from the text descriptions. Here you have the best I could do without calling Mr. Martin himself.

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    1. Chardivitch's Avatar
      Chardivitch -
      Wow man. That is absolutely epic. The detail you put into this is extraordinary. It is obvious a lot of time and effort went into this. Good job man
    1. Lord Kev's Avatar
      Lord Kev -
      Hey its awesome work. Good detailed and incredible. continue working
    1. theMountainGoat's Avatar
      theMountainGoat -
      Beautiful map.
    1. Alejandro Aguirre's Avatar
      Alejandro Aguirre -
      Wow, you are a real genius!!! I was searching for a map like this for a long time.
    1. captainbill47's Avatar
      captainbill47 -
      Definitely top-notch! Thanks!
    1. caslumali's Avatar
      caslumali -
      Amazing, beautifull art. Your map bring me to this forum when i was looking for more information about GoT on the web.
      I'm a geographer and make maps in SIG softwares, like Arcgis and Envi. I really want learn how make maps with this visual quality!
      Your art is incredible!!
    1. True Human's Avatar
      True Human -
      Yeah, this is a crazy awesome map. Westeros is cool because we all know what it is, but it's nice to see a decent map of the universe he created