• The Cartographers' Guild Presents Our First Gallery Show!

    The Cartographers' Guild has teamed up with the Soho Gallery for Digital Art to present a digital show of fantasy and sci-fi maps from the 16th of July to the 1st of September in Soho, Manhattan. The show will include maps from Industry Pros, Featured Maps and Challenge Winners from the lifetime of the Guild. The maps on display will be offered for sale as limited edition prints with 70% of the profit going to the artists in question. We have an amazing body of work here at the guild and it is high time it was seen hanging in a proper gallery!

    I have been contacting members of the guild whose work falls into these categories over the past weeks. I've had a great response from everyone and I've sent round the contract to those members from whom I have had a firm commitment. If your work qualifies and you have not heard from me please send me an email at jonathan@fantasticmaps.com. Equally, if you responded to my initial contact and have not received a contract today then please email me. This is likely to be due to problems with syncing real world names with CG usernames.

    A low res preview of the animated screens can be found here:

    A listing of all the images in the show can be found here:
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    1. Diamond's Avatar
      Diamond -
      Excellent! I hope some of our great artists get their names out there a little bit, make some moolah, and let people know that maps are legitimate art.
    1. mearrin69's Avatar
      mearrin69 -

      PS: little typo in first sentence - teemed = teamed.
    1. RobA's Avatar
      RobA -
      Quote Originally Posted by mearrin69 View Post

      PS: little typo in first sentence - teemed = teamed.

      -Rob A>
    1. RjBeals's Avatar
      RjBeals -
      wow. that is really cool - some of these carto's may become famous
    1. OldGuy's Avatar
      OldGuy -
      Great job on the graphic!
    1. bartmoss's Avatar
      bartmoss -
      Awesome - Please take some photos of the exhibition and post em.
    1. Guldaroth's Avatar
      Guldaroth -
      I wish I could see this exhibition... It's really amazing to see an Art Gallery interested in cartograhy aesthetic... Great Job !
    1. torstan's Avatar
      torstan -
      And it's up! The show is now live in the gallery and looks beautiful.
    1. Gamerprinter's Avatar
      Gamerprinter -
      Congrats, T! Have some REP!

    1. DevinNight's Avatar
      DevinNight -
      Nice going T, thanks for all the hard work and for getting the show off to a good start.
    1. mmmmmpig's Avatar
      mmmmmpig -
      Kick ass I cannot wait to see pics!
    1. torstan's Avatar
      torstan -
      First review here (and it's a good one!):

      and some pics:

      Thanks to GP for posting this around and getting some chatter going with the gamer bloggers. That's the perfect way to get people interested.
    1. Clercon's Avatar
      Clercon -
      Thanks for the link and the pictures. You have really done a great job Torstan.
    1. töff's Avatar
      töff -
      *applause!* ... Five stars, Torstan. Thank you!
    1. torstan's Avatar
      torstan -
      You're welcome! The reception went really well with everyone loving the art.
    1. Djekspek's Avatar
      Djekspek -
      Gratz on an amazing job Torstan! Thanks for putting your time & effort into this!! cheers!
    1. NeonKnight's Avatar
      NeonKnight -
      Congrats all. Looked FABULOUS!