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    A New Featured Map by Crayons! The Wonderful City of Plumton!

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    It's time to put this baby to bed. Thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging in the WIP thread ! On a project this intensive it was a real boost to my incentive to carry on through the boring bits! For those who haven't already seen this along the way, it started as a "doodle" and I've tried to keep it (and the orthagonal view) that way all along.
    It was done with a Wacom Bamboo and Paintshop Pro X and is my first attempt at working in this style so I kept the brush very simple - a 2x2 pixel, hard, "nib" going to 1 pixel at need.
    I'm calling it finished simply because I haven't thought of anything I want to add for a several days. I've added all the stuff I had left on my shortlist and "cleaned" up the text (and grammar I hope). I know there's a lot of whitespace but I like that, and I think it needs it to keep it "light"


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    Review: This was a spectacular map made by Crayons that initially started as a project for him become re-acquainted with his WACOM TABLET. As a result, over a period of One Month Crayons has created a spectacular isometric map that is chocked full of little interesting bits of humor and hidden treasures that simply compels the viewer to spend many enjoyable hours simply looking at this map and trying and find all the different goings on about the much like Martin Handford's WHERE'S WALLY? children's picture books. Some of the things Crayons has hinted at to be found in the picture are:

    Sleeping guard
    Famous bugs
    Horse "play"
    Mad monk

    And many others (perhaps Crayons will one day give us a Full List and Answer key too )

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