• Winner of the Feb/March Lite Challenge - Open To Art

    The February/March lite challenge - Open To Art - was to take a map of the real world from Open Streetmap and convert it into a work of mapping art. The winner this month was Diamond with this fantastic post-apocalyptic map of the West Coast of the USA.

    Diamond's original WIP thread for this is here. You can find out more about this lite challenge in the original challenge thread.

    Mapping glory is available every month, and this month there are prizes too! Check out the current lite challenge, and the prizes on offer, here.
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    1. NeonKnight's Avatar
      NeonKnight -
      Error in the links on the Home Page for the initial WIP thread.
    1. torstan's Avatar
      torstan -
      Fixed. Thanks for the catch.
    1. Ramah's Avatar
      Ramah -
      A very worthy winner. This is without a doubt my favourite of Diamond's maps (and that is saying a lot) and also one of the finest maps on the site.


      Congrats Diamond.
    1. Diamond's Avatar
      Diamond -
      Wow! I'm honored to have this on the front page! Thanks so much.
    1. MMXAlamar's Avatar
      MMXAlamar -

      Awesome artwork too
    1. Coyotemax's Avatar
      Coyotemax -
      bloody awesome.. *snagged for the inspiration folder*
    1. Lathorien's Avatar
      Lathorien -
      "original challenge thread" link goes to the WIP thread too
    1. eth's Avatar
      eth -
      i'd love a tut for this style!!
    1. kevinjamesbreaux's Avatar
      kevinjamesbreaux -
      Diamond do you have a blog or website or gallery site? Somewhere I can review your work and contact you?

      Kevin James Breaux