• Val Nevan by Blaidd Drwg


    Created in: Pencils / Pen / Paper / Photoshop

    Blaidd Drwg's city of Val Nevan (modelled on traditional 17th Century 'bird's eye' view maps) uses both natural media and Digital painting to best effect. The line art was done traditionally using micron pens, scanned and coloured in photoshop.

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    I had been wanting to do a isometric-y map for a long time, but never felt I'd be able to pull it off. I'd tried a few times using a grid and photohop, but it never looked decent. Then I went back to old-fashioned pen and paper and things started to come together... It was drawn on A3 paper with pencils and my trusted micron pens, then scanned and coloured in Photoshop. The details like the writing and the coats of arms were done digitally, but to preserve the hand-made look, I printed them out, traced them, and scanned them again. I used a stock image for the aged-paper background
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