• Selvarin by -Max-

    Created in: Photoshop

    Anyone who's been around the Guild in recent months has bound to have come across the work of one -Max-. Though he's only been here for about 5 months or so he's been quite prolific in that time, dishing up one excellent piece after another. Several of his pieces would have made excellent featured maps here at the Guild, but his map of Selvarin in particular stands out as noteworthy. It is a lovingly detailed and beautifully presented work. Note that the current resolution is at one half the size of the original, whose 7795x10866 px size was too large to upload.

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    Hey guys,
    ...The map also contains some special features: I wanted to make some humble tribute to a few Guild's cartographers of whom I like the works. Ten or so labels are therefore inspired by some CG's maps I like, slightly modified, more or less easy to spot...
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