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    Anyone use Dundjinni anymore?

    Thread Starter: jpstod

    Trying to use Dundjinni on Windows 8.
    Running into the DLL error and I can't figure out how to over come it?

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    Practice Map

    Thread Starter: Lyandra

    Hi all!

    I've decided to finally get back to mapping and thought I could start by actually learning how to map using Photoshop. Most of my

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    Luxury Pullman Train Car

    Thread Starter: Gamerprinter

    OK, I finished the luxury Pullman rail car with 4 sleeping suites, 2 private chambers, associated toilets, a recreational room with bar and pool table,

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    Greetings from Tennessee

    Thread Starter: BookWyrm

    Greetings to all. I am BookWyrm, or Logan, or BW, whichever you choose. I am an aspiring writer, which actually led to my discovery of this site. My genre

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    X1 Isle of Dread

    Thread Starter: vtsimz02

    Most of the maps I used for Isle of Dread which I just put my players through. As usual they dont have any hexes or grids as I use roll20 which drops

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  • Maps For Heroes

    Matt Jackson is doing something amazing right now. He's donating every penny from his Patreon account in July to the Wounded Warrior Program. He's a sergeant with almost 20 years in the army, and an old-school gamer (and a long time friend of many of the mappers and CLs here!). Check it out, get some maps, help wounded soldiers.

    He's also rounded up an all star cast of mappers to provide maps through July that you'll get when you donate including:

    +Mike Schley
    +Carl Bussler
    +Gus L
    +Simon Forster
    +Monkeyblood's Model & Map Mayhem
    +Rob Conley
    +Logan Knight
    +Tim Shorts

    What are you waiting for? More details here.

    If you'd like to donate a map, get in touch with Matt directly through his website, or on G+. The more the merrier.
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    1. RPMiller's Avatar
      RPMiller -
      Bogie's maps are up!
      . . msjx . .: [Maps for Heroes] Dan's Tavern
    1. anstett's Avatar
      anstett -
      Echoing RPMiller

      Go get Bogie's maps. This is a great deal and you should be participating.
    1. Orkogo's Avatar
      Orkogo -
      Oh, no, I spent some many again... There are a lot of wonderful maps!