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    If you've never heard of it yet, WorldMachine is a tool for the creation of 3D terrain with realistic geological effects utilizing block schemes and quite

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    looking for a 3d castle map

    Thread Starter: spiderfate

    i am dungeon mastering an adventure this weekend and need a 3d castle map. anyone know where i could find one link or name of the book perhaps.

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    Back to Moonfall

    Thread Starter: Wired

    Some of you might remember my "Moonfall" map from a few months ago as my first 'proper' world map. Now, real life does come up with the strangest

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    Sci-Fi Future Huge Mansion/Command Building

    Thread Starter: DextrosXT

    SO this is a map that i made for a warhammer 40k game that i was a player in. we had a rouge trader dynasty and had claimed a planet as our own, and

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    Thread Starter: DextrosXT

    hello, i've been running rpgs online for about 10 years now, and have become addicted to having the perfect map for whatever my players are about to fight

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