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    Thread Starter: Josie

    Hello everyone, My name is Josie. As of Recently, a neighbor of mine proposed to me that I make him a map to send to local vineyards. I have previous

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    CWBP 2 : History of the world

    Thread Starter: Azelor

    This is a brief scientific version of the genesis of the world.
    I don't know if any civilization on our planet will know these details.

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    CWBP 2 : Races

    Thread Starter: Azelor

    Now that we have our own section, I don't feel guilty to spam the forum with threads about the project. I encourage you to do the same if you would like

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    Set of Maps Needed for PC Game

    Thread Starter: hoguean

    Hi Cartographers!

    My name is Jeremy Hogan, I'm a game designer looking for a map artist to commission to create a set of maps for a video

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    irregular floor tiles

    Thread Starter: irkenInvader

    How can I go about creating floors for dungeons/buildings/etc. with a "regular" grid, but with an "irregular" pattern? Here's a preview

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