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    Other World Mapper

    Thread Starter: Kyete

    Other World Mapper is a new program in development by Three Minds Software, LLC and the Kickstarter for it will be starting soon. It is designed so that

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    Azuline Falls: August 2014 Challenge Map

    Thread Starter: xpian

    Arlath is a mountainous island in a sea of unending clouds, a place of sunlight and peace surrounded by shadowy evil. It's a setting I'm using in my D&D

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    Arachadia: Fantasy Map Commission

    Thread Starter: xpian

    This map of Arachadia depicts the lands, sites, and journeys of the characters in an upcoming fantasy novel. I was provided with a simple sketch by the

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    Hello There!

    Thread Starter: Kyete

    My name's Katie and I'm a programmer. I started making maps for online role-plays and story ideas. The company I work for is designing a map-making program

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    Daniel James

    Two finished maps

    Thread Starter: Daniel James

    Here are two finished maps i created one for the book "Heir to the Sundered Crown" by M.S Olney. The other as a project for a local group.

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