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Thread: CWBP - What Happened?!

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    This would be the beginning of the conversation that I knew was coming eventually...

    In an effort to keep this project as system agnostic as possible (I believe that's what we've all agreed upon, yes?) I think that a basic good/neutral/evil is all that's relevant; anything along a lawful/chaos axis can probably be summed up in the description and left up to the imagination. I just can't help but thing that, for our purposes, "this god is bad," and "this god is really bad" will be sufficient, and less restrictive.

    So now you have my two cents. Keep the change.


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    Yes, bear in mind that the predominant view in respect of game systems was that the CWBP world should be system agnostic. We may have to lose the D&D alignments, but then again they are also descriptive.

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    I have no trouble dropping the alignments completely. You can pretty much tell the basic Good/Nuetral/Evil stance of the deity by their portfolios and the minimal background information available.

    Iridala: Beauty, Birth, Family, Fertility, Healing, Home, Love --> Good

    Nymdyl: Divination, Dreams, Fate, Illusion, Sleep, Time --> Nuetral

    Vhikuun: Cruelty, Domination, Fear, Greed, Political Corruption, Strife, Tyranny --> Evil

    So if we are trying to be system "agnostic", just let me know how you want it represented (if at all) and we'll change it.
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