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Thread: CWBP 2: Overview and Outline of Current Activity regarding the New Co-op Project

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    Info CWBP 2 Master Thread; (Overview and important notes for the new co-op project)

    Hello. Due to the interest a lot of us had in the previous Cooperative World Building Project, and the fact that it has stalled indefinitely, we have decided to start a new one; aptly called Cooperative World Building Project 2 (CWBP 2). This project is currently just getting off the ground, nothing has been decided yet. So if you would like jump in the on the ground floor please do so. If'd you'd like to wait around for more definite information to be released feel free to do that also.

    Current threads dealing with CWBP 2: Given that the front page of this subforum (other than the stickies) is now filled with CWBP 2 threads I suggest you start with the top threads. Our current hot topics are the Licensing issue, Era and technology, the astrophysics, and the magic thread.

    Things we need to accomplish before we open up the world for mapping:
    1 & 2: Setting and World map
    a)Special interests and points regarding the setting or map
    b)Rough guidelines regarding important thematic maps, (tectonic plate, Major rivers etc.)

    3: Refinement of the above into the conditions and levels we decide appropriate for informed map making.

    4: Plots for mapping and our approach to project organization.

    5: Setting up the preliminary guidelines for setting creation.

    6: Mapping and setting construction!


    A link to our discussion about the licensing of the project.

    Regarding the licencing of this project. We need to come to a conclusion and could use some legal guidance if anyone knows about these things.

    We request that you try to endeavour to keep things submitted to the CWBP 2 separate from your other private projects, as they could also be subject to this license if they share material included in the CWPB 2 project.

    Think carefully if you submit something to the project, as it will then be hard to take back, at the very least in the ethical sense.


    IF you'd like to join this project, it's really easy, just jump in on the conversations with the "CWBP 2" tags and start throwing your ideas around. As the project moves forward things will necessarily follow some sort of formula in terms of participation, but we aren't there yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azelor
    ...if you want something done, it’s better not to wait on others because it might never get done. Especially if you keep the idea to yourself. So if you think that something should be done, like opening a new thread, go for it! This is all our project and its success or failure depends on everyone contribution.

    (this post is in no way determinative, just here to organize whats going on and to provide an overview. It will be edited as the project develops and further suggestions. I am in no way an organized person and outlines aren't my thing, so I apologize if it just makes things more confusing :p.)
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    I don't have the time to read over everything that's been discussed so far, so these points may or may not have been covered already, but I thought I'd pop in and offer a couple of suggestions based on my participation in the previous CWBP.

    Give a thought to licensing and how it will affect both the creators' rights to their own work and their ability to use graphic elements. The previous project was licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA, which had a couple of unintended side effects. For one, the license of the very useful website specifically forbids the use of their textures in CC-licensed work. Although I believe that is based on a misunderstanding of the CC license (which is erroneously described as "open source" on cgtextures), the fact that it is specifically mentioned there means that those textures are disallowed in maps for the original CWBP. The second problem I perceived was the combination of the Share Alike and Non Commercial clauses, which forbids a cartographer from, for instance, selling prints of their own work because the Share Alike clause causes the Non Commercial clause to apply to all derivative works. By way of full disclosure, I am not a lawyer, and there were some other participants who disputed my analysis of the CC license's language. Nobody presented an argument to induce me to change my mind about it, though.

    A modified license based on Creative Commons but tailored for the project might be more appropriate. Also, including language permitting The Cartographers' Guild to use the source material for publicity and fund-raising purposes would also be a good idea. An individual cartographer could choose to include such a term in their own licensing or not, but if it's not present at the top-level (the base map, at the very least), then the option is, technically, closed to all subordinate materials. Several of us put such licenses on our own maps, but since NeonKnight never actually released the base map with such a statement, those statements are of questionable legality.

    The other thought I had was to establish and secure a wiki early in the process. In my opinion, what killed the first CWBP was the spam vandalism on the wiki. At the very least, frequent incremental back-ups of the wiki database would have prevented us from losing so much work.
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    In regards to..
    b)Rough guidelines regarding important thematic maps, (tectonic plate, Major rivers etc.)

    I just put up a post regarding tectonics. Hesitant to link to it though, I may have put it in an inappropriate forum location and it may be better suited to tutorials or elsewhere. As of the day of its posting, it was here though...
    Defining Mountain Locations Through Tectonic Plate Movement

    Someone else may be more informed in regards to water sheds and river drainage than I, but if no other resources are available, I could make some attempt at explanation.

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    I think you should have named it : ''CWBP 2 : master thread''

    and I added tags to all the latest threads.

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