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Thread: CWBP 2 Template Thread - Rulers, Countries & Civilizations

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    I think a basic understand of the project obviously leads to the idea that we are working a democracy here. It's a group project, not just a group working on a project. Given the way our mapping poll worked out. I'd think a first past the post system should be our default but that we can determine how the polls work on an individual basis, especially since we have the option of multiple choice polls here. When polls are required at any rate. I'd imagine that be after the end of a development thread such as the thread on "Genre and era", and even then it's pretty clear how its going to turn out so is useful for nailing down certain details.

    Quote Originally Posted by Azelor
    Another thing that I learn: if you want something done, it’s better not to wait on others because it might never get done. Especially if you keep the idea to yourself. So if you think that something should be done, like opening a new thread, go for it! This is all our project and its success or failure depends on everyone contribution.
    This quote is the golden truth. You want something done, do it. (Gonna put this in the overview post.)

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    Yes but it should be done in consideration of the opinions of others if applicable.

    Do you think the genre and era thread is ready for a poll. I mean we discussed other ideas too, but these could be discussed in their own shiny new threads.

    Edit: another thing I have forgotten to say is that the project is getting bigger in terms of threads and ideas so it needs more organization. That organization wasn't required when there was just one thread about it. We just need to make an ''upgrade''.
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