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Thread: Valarina Map Collaboration

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    Help Valarina Map Collaboration

    Hi fellow Cartographers,

    I was wondering if there was anyone interested in collaborating with me in developing the world of the continent of Valarina. I would preferably want someone who is interested in developing with me the lore and history of the world. A couple months ago I posted a few maps that take place in the continent of Valarina. I have decided to scrap those maps and recreate the continent of Valarina from 23 pn ( post nomidium). This map would start in the era right after the tribes and clans of the land had created their first non-nomadic settlements. I already have some ideas for the linguistics of the tribes and the growth of cultures.

    Here is what I imagine the world to look like at the moment at 23 PN
    Valarina Map Collaboration-valarina23pn.jpg

    Here is some of my earlier work with the same world

    Valarina Map Collaboration-valarina-408dkweb.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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    Also if anyone is good at making city maps that is also something I need help with.

    Thanks in advance =)

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    Okay I'm completely a Noob here, but i'll Help out & make ideas & Suggestions feel free to diregard them at anytime, I Personally like the valarina 408 png cause it seems the most finished, however I'm the kinda guy who likes to zoom in & out of my own pieces, so if you have other works with the various land border's without the land names you can open the map up to towns & villages, of course it depends on what you want to do. I look at my maps as how it would be if I were litterally walking from place to place, whats the Ft/Meter/KM distance scale? How far to the next village? Any roads or am I tracking through wilderness? are their Mtns? Maybe forest? you have rivers but are their any bridges? maybe a place I can Ford a river in a thin spot? these are all ideas I have for my own map however I just suck at artistic ablility lol I hope my suggestions are helpful =) let me know what you think.

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