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Thread: Tinker Widow's WIP

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    Post Its a slippery slope!

    Its a slippery slope - I want to give evidence that the Tinker's Widow has some material wealth, yet I want to insure that her house is still humble, at least from the outside. The home, located over the Tinker's shop, had to be of expected dimension for such a structure and not an extravagant one.

    I would think if the widow doesn't have much local family she invites friends and guests to sup with her, as I see her as somewhat gregarious as a host and enjoys opportunities to be one, to minimize her loneliness as a widow.

    To the good sorts, she would become their unofficial grandmother, and recognized as a leader of sorts, from the point of view of the seven families (in opposition to theirs).

    I thought some nice furniture, china flatware and lace would not be too extravagant, yet denote some level of lifetime wealth.

    I want to have some fun on the Tinker's Shop and hidden Yelping Chamber next!

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    Do you know, I'm so glad that you're helping out the FCHOs, GP! You put so much thought into your maps (as do they), so it's such a good combination.

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