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    Info CWBP 2 : Supreme council

    The Copyright Board members are responsible to decide legal issues concerning the second Collaborative worldbuilding project.
    Everyone that contributed to the project can enter but it's not mandatory nor is it automatic.
    Please note that other people can still give their opinion on everything except on legal issues.
    Even if your not part of the board, you still retain the rights if you have contributed (for more information ....

    List of present board members

    September 2014

    gspRooster ?
    Jalyha ?

    Decisions concerning general aspects of the material is the privilege of the Council members. Including: legal matters, the license, general direction of the project, approval of commercial projects...

    Council : To become a council member, people need to submit at least one contribution and they need to sign in on a list (CWBP 2 : Copyright Board)
    - The site administrators of the Cartographer's Guild are also part of the Council since they are maintaining this space.
    - In extraordinary circumstances Council members can be denied of their privileges if 2/3 of the Council members vote against them. (but we can't get them rid of their rights on their personal contributions)
    - It is possible to amend the license with the support of 2/3 of the Council members.
    - The Council members take decisions by voting. The vote is made public to ensure that only Council members votes are counted.
    - Votes concerning legal matters should last a full month to let the active Council members sufficient time to vote. A normal vote is won with 50%+1 of the votes cast at the end of the voting period.

    *Votes concerning non legal matters such as the description of different world elements and general opinion are open to every member of the Guild. The vote can be held public or in secret. The voting period should be around 3 or 4 days. Usually, a simple majority is required to win.

    -Contributors of the project can use, modify and publish material that they own. If they do publish, they just need to inform the community.
    -Everyone can use, modify the material of the project for personal or artistic purposes. They can share their derivative work as long as they have the approval of the original author. But they cannot use the content for commercial purposes.

    The material used in the project should respect copyrights. You can't have material that is non commercial unless you have the approval of the author to do so.

    Once something enters the project, either an image or a full-fledged idea, it become part of the project.
    The main goal of the project is too create a campaign setting and to be able to publish it. Example of campaign settings: List of campaign settings - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    To do that, we need the contributers to agree that their work could be used in a publication, including a commercial publication. The profits would be distributed equally to all contributers that have material in the publication.
    It's not sure if it will happen but we need to ask before people commit to the project, otherwise it will becomes impossible to contact everyone.
    If the content is, for some reason rejected, it can't be used in the project or any derivative work on it without the consent of the author.
    Every publication need the approval of the other expect for the campaign setting project.

    - To publish a project: the first step is to submit the project to the community. Even if the person is publishing her own work, the community need to be informed. In that case, it's just a formality. When the project is bigger and include more than one author, a vote is usually required. After the project is submitted, the concerned authors will need to express their approval or disapproval of the project. There are no time limit for the authors the express themselves, refusal or simply a lack of answer means he can't publish it or need to publish only the content to which the authors agreed.
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