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Thread: [Region 1] [Map 16] The Islands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigurd View Post
    You have a lot of empty ocean and without the bordering squares it seems a little weird to the viewer that your focus is where it is. Ya gotta figure thats a challenge with this square - in a way you have the best design for the rest of the map. When the squares are stitched together the rest benefits from your open ocean. When you just look at your own square by itself its a little different.
    Quote Originally Posted by Koor View Post
    THANK YOU!!!!

    I've been desperate for any sort of feed back.. It's still a work in progress but I needed some guidance on where to go with it now.
    I think that's what's so hard about giving this map some feedback, really. There's just so little of it to work with, I wouldn't know where to begin. It really does seem like a difficult tile to work with.

    Of course, I guess you could leave it like it is, and then use the open water to create a zoomed in version of one of your islands or something, like you're looking through a lens of some sort. I don't know... just a thought.

    I will definitely be keeping an eye on this one though, as I'd like to see where you take it. And you can count on input from me when I feel like I might have something to offer.


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    I second the inset map that shows a closeup of the islands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by industrygothica View Post
    I think that's what's so hard about giving this map some feedback, really. There's just so little of it to work with, I wouldn't know where to begin. It really does seem like a difficult tile to work with.
    Well, tell me about it. It's like short stories by Brecht, the less there is, the more pain. If I had figured that sooner, I might've picked another map. Might've yielded more results.

    At any rate: I like where this is going. Though I agree that the water doesn't match the style of the remaining map. I would try the zoomed in version for the blank spaces - actually..., if I finish my handdrawn version, I guess I'll incorporate just that.

    Still, Go ahead, Koor!
    Two in harmony surpass one in perfection

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    The inset map might be the most elegant solution.

    Make the sea texture more interesting. No matter what you do I'd look for a solution to represent the whole square in just its physical properties. Not only would that give you freedom for the placements of the insets but it would also represent overcoming a chief challenge of this square.

    This site has some water textures for download:

    You might fairly choose to stop there. If you want to pretty up the square a bit add 2 or even 3 inset maps.

    When you give it back to the map building project offer a version with and without the insets. Then offer the insets as separate maps. I think thats the high road.


    That way you can stick to the overall style of the squares (nobody has really invented large changes to the physical layer) and produce the best looking square for yourself.


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    Just an idea, maybe it's possible to fill the space with a sea monster (or anything else)


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    This was all looking interesting. Is there any more mapping going one in this tile ? I have added it to the overall map (or will do in a mo...)

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    I'll get back to this very soon. I'm currently working on a different map which may end up teaching me some new tricks to use on this one.

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