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Thread: July/August Lite Challenge: GO MAP YOURSELF

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    Post July/August Lite Challenge: GO MAP YOURSELF

    A while back Seredemia suggested a challenge topic to "Map yourself". The idea sounds interesting so let's try it out.
    You can see her original post suggesting this topic here: Map YOURSELF


    Basically, make a map that represents you as a person. It doesn't have to be anything personal ( or it can if you want); just make a map that lets us know what sort of person you are. Like, for example, you could make a map of your favourite things and represent them as places, etc. Or make a map of what you've achieved so far in your life. Or a map of things you would like to do before you kick the bucket. Or a map that actually looks like you (how in the world someone will achieve this, I have no idea though...) The possibilities are endless, so long as we learn something interesting about you and it's shown well through the map.

    To Quote Sredemia: "I just thought it might be fun to see what ideas people come up with. Plus, it should be a nice way to get to know each other, no?"

    As usual, the challenge will run until around the 14th of next month, after which there will be Three days of voting.
    The winner gets a Silver Compass to proudly display on their posts, as well as the adoration of all of his or her peers!

    Please DO NOT forget to title each thread in this format: July/August 2014 Lite Challenge: < your title here >

    AND Please DO NOT forget to preface each image with this tag: ### Latest WIP ### Otherwise, the thumbnail scraper won't be able to pick up your entry, and no one will be able to see it when voting time rolls around.

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    Oh yeah, I'd forgotten about this idea! Nice one, Bogie.
    "I like a look of agony, because I know it's true."

    -Emily Dickinson

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    Ah, that's so tempting! I might be able to sneak it into some late nights. I hope so. Nice choice, Bogie. And a cool idea, Seredemia!

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