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Thread: Isle of the Droller Kings (the crypt)

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    Wip Isle of the Droller Kings (the crypt)

    Hi folks,

    The isle of the Droller kings is a pbp game I have been running for the past four years. Believe it or not it is about a day and a half in game time and about 11 chapters.
    Anyways, I have done numerous maps for it including this one which is the main level of the crypt. The lower levels are still a work in process since I build onto them as I go. This is a scaled down version, the full was large enough to use online for tokens. I never thought that gaming would be this cool (gaming online) back when I had graph paper and the red books.

    Private use only please.


    Isle of the Droller Kings (the crypt)-droller_1_greytale-com.jpg
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    Very good. I love your style with this sort of thing.

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    Pretty! That's a great map...have some rep for it.

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    Very nice! I would love to be in a PbP game where the DM put that much into the maps. (I tend to shortcut alot with PbP games I DM, even using excel in a pinch to get a battlemap up)

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