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Thread: U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

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    Wip U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh

    Hey all, so I am finally back and at work on mapping for a new campaign. Early in the campaign I am going to utilize some of the old 1st Ed. modules, T1, U1-3, then see what direction the players will go. As such, I found some good maps for T1 to use as battle maps, but didn't find any for use with U1-3. Originally I started working on U1 in RPTools MapTool, which is nice, but in many ways limited. Here are the maps I ended up making, then painstakingly "exporting" via screen capture. How I wish they had built in a way to save a bounded section of the map as a PNG!!!

    The house grounds - U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh-house-grounds.jpg

    The Ground Floor - U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh-battle-map-house-ground-floor-no-grid.jpg

    The 1st Floor - U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh-battle-map-house-1st-floor-no-grid.jpg

    The Attic - U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh-battle-map-house-attic-no-grid.jpg

    The Cellar - U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh-players-view-house-cellar.jpg

    The Caverns - U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh-battle-map-house-caves-no-grid.jpg

    Sea Ghost Deck - U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh-battle-map-sea-ghost-deck-no-grid.jpg

    Sea Ghost Desk Cabins - U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh-battle-map-sea-ghost-deck-cabins-no-grid.jpg

    Sea Ghost Hold - U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh-player-view-sea-ghost-hold.jpg

    And the Sea Ghost Bilge - U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh-battle-map-sea-ghost-bilge-no-grid.jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails U1 - Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh-house-grounds.png  

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    I like your boat designs.

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    The boat layouts were the best things about those modules, you could use them for other things whenever you need a boat! Nice maps!! Good stuff, thanks.

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    I agree with those above, the boat design is great. I can imagine using these for multiple games. The interior of the house has a bit of a scale issue. The floorboards are extremely wide in comparison to other things in the house and the stone patio doesn't seem to match stylistically. Great work! Thanks for sharing.

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