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Thread: Hand Drawn Dungeons

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    Hand-drawn maps are the best. Great work!
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    Tossed some spiral staircases in this one.

    I really like drawing the dungeons in the breakdown view and then assembling them later. Firstly because I can use smaller sheets of paper and secondly because I only have a rough Idea of what the finished product is going to look like when it's done.
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    I concur with the others. your maps are awesome. I've just been getting back into D&D and I've been searching around for ideas on hand drawn maps. You outer walls are phenomenal. Really great idea. Much more authentic than the hash marks of old. I may borrow that concept if you don't mind???

    The sepia idea is awesome too. I really love earthy colors like that. It actually hadn't occurred to me to do that. I'm not a big fan of blueline either. I've also been searching the web for pen ideas, so I may give your "German designed manga Pitt pens" a try. Thanks for mentioning that.

    How do you use your maps btw. I've been toying with different ideas for in game map use. Do you use these in game or do you have the payers draw their own maps? If you do use them do you print them out to 1" squares and do you lay out only sections the characters enter one room or hallway at a time. I'm searching for new ideas for gameplay. I want to keep the game focused on roleplaying and less on mechanics. So having ready made maps or map sections allows the players to focus more on playing than mapping. What do you think?


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    This stuff is absolutely fantastic! I absolutely admire your style. I just wonder - the pens you use, are they coloured pens, or do you just colorize after scanning? As for making this into an adventure ... that is something I would totally go for! Consider this mightily prepped!

    A thought - perhaps a fine idea would be to have a grid underliner (a paper beneath your drawing paper, like the one used for writing in straight lines on blank pages), that way you could avoid the "trouble" of removing grid lines afterwards?

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