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Thread: Sketchup Dungeon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green-Pilgrim View Post

    I wonder if Dyson of the website where I found the two maps posts on here.

    Anyone know?

    I have an account here, but I don't post here anymore. Generally I stick to my blog, some posts to the Labyrinth Lord forums, the occasional promotional post on ENWorld and RPGnet and some chatter on G+.Just don't have the time ot spread myself over so many forums these days.

    That said, I love this! I posted links to it in an article I posted yesterday to my blog. Great stuff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nellisir View Post
    I experimented with this a few years ago, creating blocks (10'x10' section of hallway, floor, doors, archways) that I could assemble into a dungeon.
    Hmmm… that's a little like the workflow used in the Unity game engine. I wonder if it's possible to render a high-res image from there…? I must give that a try some day.
    Bryan Ray, visual effects artist

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    So here's another of Dyson's dungeons but this time I added a second 'level' to incorporate the lower floor of his design.

    Sketchup Dungeon-river-cave-01.png

    The map, The River Cave, incorporated the basic process of expanding the map into a third dimension but also adding in a "sub-floor" with chambers that were below the main level of the dungeon. Two floors, I would guess, would be a limit on how much you could do with Sketchup and actually be able to show it in the style of the "3-D Dungeon" that we've been developing on here. Any more than two and I think you'd loose the design.

    Sketchup Dungeon-river-cave-04a.png

    Plotting out the various elevations was somewhat tricky so I had to experiment with things a little. In the above image (colors added with gimp) I started breaking down the map image by marking out the stairs so I could assume that each set of stairs was a drop in elevation (between 5 and 10 feet).

    Sketchup Dungeon-river-cave-08a.png

    Additionally with this map I decided not to build up and cut out the doors but rather leave them as part of the artist's original design (which I keep as the surface layer).

    Sketchup Dungeon-river-cave-07.png

    I've also attached the sketchup file to the post for those who want to see it and manipulate it and all that.


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    Downloaded free sketch up-----2 days later......need sleep.....ok i'm man and who reads instructions??? oh ya i was looking for them.....but damn the library....damn the it all......figure i would import and take apart like a motor. wife said hey look for tutorials...did you check sketch up site for tips. ugh me building town.....ugh me walking in this town......ugh wife.

    awesome awesome......yup the future is here......and my drafting stuff will get dusty. yet to look at the tutorial.......but ugh me download

    hey got any basic towns or castle walls ...tutors

    ugh me sleep now

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    Loving the 3d dungeons never got the hang of Sketchup - may have to though

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