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Thread: [GIMP] Shadows for Pillars/Columns in GIMP?

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    Default [GIMP] Shadows for Pillars/Columns in GIMP?


    I'm a complete newbie at using GIMP or any image editor. I have neither skill nor talent. However, I can draw simple shapes and copy/paste textures, and even use a few filters. If it's beyond that, I'm worthless.

    I'd like get a little better at making shadows for my columns/pillars for my battle maps. I just use ellipsis select, then fill with black to make circular columns.

    Advice and links to other tutorials would be appreciated.


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    Once, years ago, I got some great help on GIMP Talk forums, but I guess they are down. Here was the thread link:

    If I could access that, I'd probably not be seeking help on the subject. XD

    Oh! Actually, I found another 2010 post of mine:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharpe
    Start with the black Walls layer and:
    1) Duplicate layer (Layer>Duplicate Layer) Note:You will be sitting on the duplicate layer ready to edit it.
    1.5) I named the new layer "Shadow."
    2) Filters>Blur>Motion Blur;
    2.5) For motion blur settings I used length=10, angle=225;
    3) Select>By Color and click in the background;
    4) Select>Invert (this will result in all the blurred areas being selected)
    5) Fill the selection with black;
    6) Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur;
    6.5) I used a horizontal and vertical blur of 70 just messing around;
    7) Drag the Shadow layer beneath the Walls layer.
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